In near future, EV charge points will be expected in most parking spaces. Businesses need a secure, and easily deployed certification solution that makes EV charging management easy. The key to a successful implementation depends on hardware, software, service and how they all work together.

A RFID* reader using Near-Field Communication (NFC) is integrated with the charging dock. EV charging stations use this technology to verify access of authorized users. The RFID reader certifies the user via a RFID card/key fob and sends a signal to the charging dock to turn on the charging process.

 ► Benefits of using an RFID reader by iDTRONIC

  • It provides a simple, fast and convenient integration into the charging facilities
  • It is the latest HF | NFC contactless reader technology and support 98% of all available IC types
  • Easy customization of firmware and hardware ist possible

 ► Cards and keyfobs

RFID cards and keyfobs can be used as a credential to unlock the charging station. iDTRONIC offers a wide variety of RFID transponder options which can be personalized. (User data encoding, print of logos and user data).

 ► Hardware

  • Our readers are available as housed or embedded versions. Depending on the circumstances, the integrator can use the most suitable device for his application
  • The readers are available with a wide range of interfaces such as USB-HID, USB-PC/SC, USB VCOM, TTL or MODBUS RTU
  • Several versions offers integrated I/O’s or status LED’s for a more convenient use case

Internal / External antenna

  • Readers with external antennas are the most flexible solution. It enables the integrator to optimize reading ranges under critical conditions
  • Readers with integrated antennas come as ready to go products which allows the integrator a fast and easy integration

 ► Support

iDTRONIC will provide you with an ongoing support after your purchase including technical support, performance optimization, reconfigurations and upgrades and SDK – software development kit. If there is need to add new transponder technologies in coming years, RFID devices can be easily upgraded for new technologies.

 ► Security

Our RFID readers contain popular encryption engines such as AES, DES & 3DES that can be accessed by means of high-level APIs to prevent the risk of card cloning or data interception. It is also possible to implement custom encryption schemes on the reader.

RFID Readers by iDtronic:

Product information: Embedded HF/NFC RFID Reader M900 Series
Product information: Embedded HF/NFC RFID Reader R835 Series
Product information: Wall Reader HF/NFC ID-Access 500

RFID Reader M900 Series

• RFID Core Module with SMD capability
• Cutting edge MCU and RFID IC
• Support 95% of all transponder IC’s
• Low power consumption
• Soldering pad for external antenna

RFID Reader R835 Series

• RFID Reader with integrated antenna
• Mounting holes for easy integration
• Cutting edge MCU and RFID IC
• Support 95% of all transponder IC’s

Wall Reader HF/NFC
ID-Access 500

• RFID Reader with integrated antenna
• IP67 wall mount housing
• Can be used in the most harsh conditions
• Status LED for convenient status feedback
• Support 95% of all transponder IC’s

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