RFID Desktop Reader EVO DESFire

RFID Desktop Reader

– ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18092

– Supports all MIFARE® Tags

– USB VCP Interface

– LED Light Frame

– Optional HID

HF: 13.56 MHz
USB 2.0 Interface
Integrated Antenna
Optional HID
LED Light Frame
Full MIFARE® Support
Power Supply:   USB (5 Vdc)
Power Consumption:   < 90 mA
Operating Frequency:   13.56 MHz
Operating Distance:   up to 8 cm
Antenna:   integrated
Baudrate on VCP:   9600…115200 bit/s
Reader IC:   CL 663
RF TX Speed:   up to 848 kBd
Interfaces:   USB VCP, HID
Status Information:   LED shows successful tag communication with colour change
HID Output Format:  
ISO 14443 A: hexadecimal, lowercase, byte-reverse, LSB
ISO 15693: hexadecimal, lowercase, MSB
The HID output format can be modified on request.
Connector:   USB Mini B Socket
Signals:   Multi-colour LED illuminated frame
Dimensions:   126.5 × 69 × 27 mm
Material:   ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
Protection Class:   IP40
Housing Colour:   Anthracite
Weight:   130 g
Operating Temperature:   -20 °C to +80 °C
Storage Temperature:   -40 °C to +85 °C
Humidity:   up to 95 % non-condensing
MTBF:   2000 000 h
ISO 14443 A
and compatible:
MIFARE® Classic Mini / 1K /4K, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight® C,
MIFARE Ultralight® Nano, MIFARE® DESFire®EV1 2K / 4K / 8K, MIFARE®
Smart MX, MIFARE DESFire® Light, MIFARE® Plus S / X, MIFARE® Pro X, NTAG 21x, NTAG 424
Read UID only of all other ISO14443A RFID tags
ISO 14443 B
and compatible:
  SRI4K, SRIX4K, AT88RF020, 66CL160S, SR176
ISO 15693
and compatible:
EM4135, EM4043, EM4x33, EM4x35, I-Code SLI / SLIX,
I-Code SLI DNA, M24LR16/64, TI Tag-it HF-I, SRF55Vxx
EMC:   EN 301489-1:2012-04 (v1.9.21), EN 301489-3:2013-12 (V1.6.1)
Radio Regulation:   EN 300330-1:2015-08 (V1.8.1), EN 300330-2:2015-08 (V1.6.1)
Safety:   EN 60950-1:2014-08, EN 62369-1:2010-03, EN 50364:2010-11
RoHS:   EC Guideline 2011/65/EU
Certificate:   FCC, CE, IC
Supported OS by
Silabs USB VCP Driver:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (v6.7.3)
Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/8.1 (v6.7)
Windows 2K (v6.3a)
WinCE (5.0, 6.0)
Macintosh OSX (v4)
Linux (3.x.x., 2.6.x)
Android 4.2
Supported OS:   Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supported Languages:   ASCII command protocol, VS2005 C++
Demo Software:   Windows

iDTRONIC’s RFID Desktop Reader EVO DESFire is an elegant and compact RFID reader and writer.
The powerful hardware has an integrated antenna and USB interface. Optionally it is available with Human Interface Device (HID).

The DESFire version supports ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693 and ISO 18092 transponders, including MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight® C,
MIFARE Ultralight® Nano, MIFARE DESFire® Light, MIFARE® DESFire 2K / 4K / 8K, MIFARE® Plus, MIFARE® Classic 1K,
MIFARE® Classic 4K, I-Code SLI, I-Code SLI DNA, TI Tag-it HF-I, NTAG 424 and many more.

The RFID table reader enables reading ranges of up to 8 centimeters. A Multicolour LED frame provides information about status
and successfully read day. A user-friendly SDK and demo software for Windows systems is included.

► Application Areas

E-Ticketing   E-Ticketing
Ausweis   Membership Cards
Zutrittskontrolle   Access Control
PC   PC Log On
NFC   NFC & Mobile Applications
Krankenhaus   Healthcare Areas
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