RFID Products and Solutions for Healthcare

Safety regulations in hospitals have the highest priority for medical staff and patients. The confidential use of important patient or hospital data must be ensured. Only authorised personnel should have access to and manage sensitive data. Through the use of future-oriented RFID technology, only authorized personnel have access to important patient data. The aim is to ensure patient safety and traceability of the use of medical devices. We offer a wide range of RFID readers for the medical sector. In the following we give you an overview of the use of RFID readers for valid identification of medical personnel.

Visits or consultation hours in hospitals or clinics are daily tasks of doctors. Mostly classical paper-based clipboards are used for patient information for the doctor. This method of providing all relevant patient data is very error-prone and confusing. Furthermore, the pre-printed papers cause storage costs. The doctor must first view all pages to obtain the relevant information. In the context of digitisation in the field of IoT applications, paperless applications are becoming more and more common. Data is always kept up-to-date and is directly available. The relevant data of the patient, such as diagnosis and findings from several sources must be validly summarized. Mobile applications can collate this type of information and provide the doctor with a clear overview of all relevant data. The view of the data can be displayed using an RFID tablet. This facilitates and optimizes the daily workflow of a doctor. In the following we present our powerful C9 RFID Tablet, which can be optimally linked to existing applications and systems.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic poses increasing challenges for the healthcare industry. COVID-19 diseases must be detected immediately in order to stop their spread by the virus. It is therefore important that blood tests are diagnosed as soon as a blood sample is taken. The use of mobile and stationary diagnostic systems at the point of care represents an innovative solution for the immediate diagnosis of illnesses. Microfluidic test strips, a standardised workflow and connectivity to the cloud in the hospital IT infrastructure provide real-time results. Certain parameters allow the delivery of precise results equivalent to stationary laboratory tests.

We offer a wide range of RFID Readers and RFID Tags for Healthcare, Laboratory Diagnostics, Patient Identification, Medication Verification, Identification of Medical Personnel, Point-of-Care, Diagnostic Systems.


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