RFID LF Panel Antenna

125 kHz RFID LF Panel Antenna for Low Range Applications

– LF: 125 kHz or 134.2 kHz

– ISO 11784/117, FDX-B

– Lumberg Antenna Connector

LF: 125 kHz or 134.2 kHz (on Request)
Supports ISO 18000-2, ISO 11784/11785, FDX-B
Circular Polarization
IP-class IP65 Protection Class
Lumberg Connector
Up to 13 cm Reading Range
Technical Data
Housing Material: PVC
Dimensions: 200 × 200 mm

210 × 450 mm

Protection Class: IP65
Mechanical Data
Cable Length: 1.5 m
Antenna Connector: Lumberg
Operating Distance: up to 30 cm
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +65 °C
Humidity: 5 % to 95 %
Supported Standards | Tags
ISO 11784/11785, FDX-B
Applicable Standards
Radio Regulation: CE

iDTRONIC’s powerful LF RFID panel antennas are compatible with all BLUEBOX LF controllers.
Depending on the chip type, they achieve a reading range of up to 13 cm.

It is available with 125 or 134.2 kHz and supports the standards ISO 11784/117, FDX-B.

The IP65 protection class of RFID Panel Antenna is suitable for demanding areas.

The circular polarized antenna has a Lumberg connector.

►  Application Areas

Industrielle-Automation Industrial Automation
Supply-Chain-Mgmt Supply Chain
Zutrittskontrolle Access Control
Teileverfolgung Asset Tracking
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