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Press Release: iDTRONICs Embedded HF MIFARE RFID Reader R840 | Wireless or Wired Communication: WiFi and Ethernet

By |2020-01-14T15:07:17+01:00January 14, 2020|

As the leading provider of Embeddable RFID modules, iDTRONIC has expanded the Embedded HF MIFARE RFID Reader R840 with WiFi and Ethernet interfaces. The wired Ethernet interface is used [...]

White Paper: iDTRONIC’s C4 Mobile Terminals | Choose the right RFID Handheld for your Application

By |2020-01-13T15:02:26+01:00January 13, 2020|

We offer a broad range of suitable RFID handheld devices for all common applications. Our RFID handheld devices are of the latest technical standards for advanced IoT und industry [...]

Press Release: iDTRONIC‘s RFID BLUEBOX Micro IA | Cylindrical Reader M30 | Optimized Demo Software Features for an even more effective Application

By |2020-01-08T13:44:07+01:00January 8, 2020|

Our robust and powerful UHF Industrial Readers Micro IA and Cylindrical Reader M30 have been optimized. Both RFID Readers are unique in their design and functionality. Both of these [...]

Press Release: iDTRONIC’s RFID Desktop Reader EVO HF 2.0: HID or VCP – Adjustable Data Output easier than ever with our Quick Start Guide and our Live Demo

By |2020-01-06T14:40:00+01:00December 12, 2019|

Latest Industry 4.0 and IoT Applications require modern, optimized interfacing. Advanced technologies require valid and established systems and communication options. The EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0 from iDTRONIC is [...]