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Industrial RFID Readers

rfid industrial readers

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Choose the best RFID Industrial Reader for your individual Application

Valid RFID industrial readers in all common RFID frequency areas: UHF, HF | NFC and LF.
Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications in the area of Production Controls, Warehousing, AVI,
Supply Chain, Waste Management and Access Control in Production or Warehouse

    ► Flexible interfaces enables an easy integration into your hardware

        • USB 2.0, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, CANbus, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet, Wiegand, WLAN

    Universal in the support of standards and transponders for a wide range of applications

        • Supports UHF-, HF | NFC- and LF-RFID standards
        • Supports more than 100 transponder types in all standards

    ► Easy integration into your IoT and Industry 4.0 projects

        • Complete SDK including all protocols, source codes and hardware descriptions

    ► Our active customer service helps you to make sure that your system works properly

        • Verification of your request
        • We choose the best product for your application
        • Support during the entire life cycle of our products

    ► Kundenspezifische Produktenwicklungen und – anpassungen @ iDTRONIC

    Planen Sie Ihr nächstes IoT-/RFID-Innovationsprojekt mit iDTRONIC

    Teilen Sie uns Ihre anspruchsvollen Anforderungen an Auto-ID-/RFID-Produkte mit. Wir haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, die Grenzen heutiger Technologien zu durchbrechen und neue Maßstäbe zu setzen. Wir sind bereit, mit Ihnen bei der Entwicklung der richtigen Hardware für Ihre Anwendung und Produktidee zusammenzuarbeiten. Zusammen mit Ihnen implementieren wir Ihre individuelle Anforderung in kürzester Zeit.

    Unsere Kompetenzen im Bereich IoT / RFID werden Ihnen helfen, die Lücke zwischen einer Idee und einem visionären Produkt zu schließen. Neben der Modifikation bestehender Hard- und Softwareprodukte sind wir auch bereit, Ihnen komplette Neuentwicklungen anzubieten.

    Unsere Kernkompetenzen sind: 

    • Hardware-Modifikationen & Entwicklungen
    • Antennendesigns für On/Off-Metall-Anwendungen
    • Robuste Designs für dedizierte Anwendungsumgebungen
    • Firmware-Modifikationen & Entwicklungen

    Wir haben erfolgreich Hardware für führende Akteure in Märkten wie den folgenden entwickelt:

    • Pflege- und Gesundheitsindustrie
    • Luftfahrtindustrie
    • Elektro-Ladestationen
    • Sicherheitsbranche

    RFID UHF Frequency Areas

    ► Identification of attachments for agricultural machinery, construction machinery or municipal multifunctional vehicles

    The RFID industrial reader BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF is mounted on a vehicle and identifies the various external attachments such as excavator shovels, sweepers, ice pushers or drills, which are fitted with an RFID transponder. The attached transponders contain all necessary configuration data about the attachment. After the read-out process, the corresponding data is transferred via the CANbus interface to the central control system.

    ► Workstations in productions and workshops

    Partial work areas in production or workshops are usually assigned to several employees. The rotating shift change requires a smooth transition in order to maintain ongoing operations. The BLUEBOX Desktop Reader UHF is a stationary RFID reader for the fast log-on and log-off at workstations. All information is immediately available at a shift change and the transfer of work is thus facilitated.

    ► Stacker location and logistic processes

    Pallets and goods can be reliably identified and assigned to a shelf by means of RFID Transponder or RFID Tags using the BLUEBOX Micro IA. The RFID industrial reader transmits the data to the monitor of the forklift driver and displays information about content and storage location. The RFID Industry Reader is suitable for many applications within logistic processes.

    ► Container management in waste management areas

    The automatic identification and allocation of containers in waste management can be successfully handled with the help of our BLUEBOX CX MR IA. The BLUEBOX identifies the RFID tag attached to the container and sends the data to an internal user system for tracking and cataloguing.

    ► Parking systems and Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI)

    The automatic vehicle recognition and access control in car parks, company premises or rent-a-car stations can be handled with a specially developed RFID AVI reader. Our CX AVI and CX AVI-LR are special RFID readers for AVI applications.

    RFID HF | NFC Frequency Areas

    ► Access authorisations in automation

    Different employees are assigned to different automation processes. Each process step must be monitored and controlled by one employee. The access rights for the respective process step must be determined beforehand. These data can be assigned and evaluated with the BLUEBOX Panel Reader.

    ► Supply Chain Management 

    The BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 HF is suitable for supply chain applications with truck loading and unloading. The RFID industrial reader is attached to the truck at the loading zone. As soon as a package or goods pass the loading zone, it is registered by the RFID M30 reader. The connection to a RS232/RS485 interface enables the direct transmission of data to an external system.

    ► Reading RFID tags within a production line

    Built-in RFID Tags in small parts or components can be easily read with the help of our BLUEBOX Advant SR 1CH. The Industrial Reader can be mounted directly on the assembly line. As soon as a component passes the conveyor belt, the RFID tag is read with the BLUEBOX. This facilitates the allocation to the respective product.

    ► Asset tracking in Workshops at workstations

    Work stations in workshops require a flexible solution. The BLUEBOX Desktop Reader HF can be used as a mobile reader thanks to its universal USB connection. The integrated antenna and the reading range of 15 cm makes valid and contactless asset tracking possible.

    RFID LF Frequency Areas

    ► Identification of fast moving products in food production

    The BLUEBOX Advant Controller with antenna identifies valid and fast the right product on the assembly line. Thanks to the short reading range of up to 15 cm, only the relevant products are recognised. The use of RFID technology in assembly line production facilitates the sorting process.

    Integrated Antenna



    BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader UHFproduktseite

    BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader HF

    BLUEBOX Cylindrical Reader M30 Gen2


    BLUEBOX Desktop Reader UHFproduktseite

    BLUEBOX Desktop Reader HF

    BLUEBOX Desktop Reader LFproduktseite


    BLUEBOX Micro IAproduktseite


    BLUEBOX CX MR IAproduktseite


    BLUEBOX CX AVIproduktseite


    BLUEBOX CX AVI LRproduktseite


    BLUEBOX Advant MR IA


    BLUEBOX Panel Reader


    BLUEBOX Advant SR IA


    BLUEBOX Advant Controller with Antenna


    BLUEBOX Basic Controller with Antenna

    External Antenna


    BLUEBOX CX LR 1CHproduktseite


    BLUEBOX CX LR 2CHproduktseite


    BLUEBOX Advant MR 1CH UHFproduktseite

    BLUEBOX Advant MR 1CH HFproduktseite


    BLUEBOX Advant LR 4CHproduktseite


    BLUEBOX RFID Evaluation Gateproduktseite


    BLUEBOX Access Control Gateproduktseite






    BLUEBOX Advant SR 2CH


    BLUEBOX Advant Controller 1CH


    BLUEBOX Advant Controller 2CH

    ► Including Software Development Kit for our RFID Industrial Readers

    RFID Industrial Reader are delivered with a software development kit. This enables the own development of a software.

    Our Software Development Kit contains:

    • Hardware Descriptions
    • Demo Software Application
    • Specifications and Dimensions
    • REACH, ROHs, RED, FCC Certificates
    • Installation Instructions

    ► Demo Software Introduction



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